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Brand Story

★ core idea: Elegant dream - - creates family of
★ spirit of enterprise the tranquil elegant dream for the humanity: The honest personhood does things steadfastly the
★ enterprise benefit: The consumer benefit dealer benefit staff benefit is enterprise's fundamental interests
★ brand consciousness: The brand origin quality quality is the life product is similar to the moral behavior
★ main body culture: Take promotes the economic efficiency as central Take the product innovation, the market development as a main item Take the good production order, the product quality, the staff loyal as the guarantees
★ management idea: Glows the vitality for the life to create the value
★ management mission for the humanity: Let the corporate growth let the partner strength let the staff let the social harmonious
★ operational policy wealthily: To oneself to the customer to the company honest strengthening quality consciousness, the pursue to serves the
★ core advertisement extremely honestly honestly: Elegant dream - - tranquil creates family of
★ product style elegantly the dream: European and American classical modern leisure
★ product localization: High-end civil furniture provider
★ morality: Not by friendly small, but is not by wicked small but is it The solar brilliant parents graciousness big gentleman measures the size human spirit to be big
★ service objective: Carries off customer's worry to leave behind the elegant dream true feelings
★ training goal: Let staff's growth with enterprise's development synchronization
★ staff sentiment: Elegant dream Jiu is my family
★ leadership mood: Kindly treats each staff
★ competitive spirit sincerely: The quality service innovation cost is enterprise's destiny
★ management: Found on own initiative the problem solves the question
★ work on own initiative: Is accurate the reasonable
★ work to abstain the word immediately immediately: Thinks probably probably perhaps possibly almost the
★ ideological mode: Only tries to find solution for the duty not to look for the reason
★ standard of conduct for the defeat: Speaks of was inferior that achieves must do makes the best
★ personhood principle: Does each matter to bring warm and joyful to the human Does each matter not to bring the worry and the pain to the human
★ enterprise prospect: Will create the elegant dream furniture to be grander diligently magnificent tomorrow Wishes into the world-class enterprise

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